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Nealy May Riley
Hi, my name is Nealy May Riley. I am an artist who lives in Springville, Utah with my wonderful daughter Cami and husband David. David and I met in grad school at Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007. After grad school I took a job as a Graphic Designer in Arizona feeling like I needed a stable source of income. Needless to say, I wasn't really satisfying that need to put paint to a canvas by staring at a computer screen all day. So, we decided to move to Colorado where we thought we could teach a little adjunct at the college there and then we'd have time to paint. Unfortunately, the adjunct work didn't exactly pay the bills, so we thought "Hey, we could open a Ballroom Dance Studio and still have time to paint on the side!". We had both taken dance training and owning a studio was something we had both always always wanted to do. So we opened La Puerta Dance Studio in Grand Junction in 2009. The dance studio was an amazing venture for us where we learned a lot about running a small business, dancing, teaching, making amazing friends and being part of a wonderful community. However, we still weren't painting on a regular basis while we were running our small business.

With the birth of our daughter Cami in 2013 we decided we need to refocus our energies if we were going to be artists. We sold the dance studio and moved to Utah where my husband could work with some wonderful artists in the Springville / Salt Lake area and I could take care of Cami and paint in the mornings. I started out feeling a little lost about what I might want to paint until I ran into Daily Painting online and Daily Paintworks. Now I'm really enjoying my daily painting and I'm feeling excited about the progress I'm making. I'm creating small paintings on a regular basis, experimenting with color and subject matter that is readily available. Excited about the future!